The Mobilizing Foundation board of directors and advisors

Mirimus labs launches the Mobilizing Foundation to take on COVID-19

Margaret Murphy, Chair

CEO, NY Staff Search

Board Director, Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Foundation

Board Member, Royal Family Productions

Genghis Hadi, Vice Chair

Principal, Nahla Capital

Former, Carlyle Group

Former Acquisitions and Asset Management, Boston Capita

Matthew Greer, Treasurer

VP. Financial Planning & Business Development, InnovaCare

Simon Johnson, Board Member

Professor at MIT Sloan School of Management

Penelope Kokkinides, Board Member

Chief Administrative Officer, InnovaCare

Former COO & VP, Clinical Operations, Aveta, Inc.

Former COO, Centerlight HealthCare

Eva Cramer, PhD, Liaison to SUNY Downstate, Advisor

Professor, Cell Biology and VP for Biotechnology and Scientific Affairs, SUNY Downstate Medical Center