COVID-19 massive surveillance testing

A collective effort to stop COVID-19 and future pandemics

We have mobilized in collaboration with SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University – University Hospital of Brooklyn in a commitment to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help answer the many unknown questions about this deadly virus. While we research these unknowns, the near-term solution to mitigating the spread of the pandemic is: Massive Surveillance Testing and Contact Tracing.

We are working on accelerating and automating testing methods while decreasing costs by testing micro populations together as a unit. By performing massive surveillance screenings, we envision the creation of a pipeline to perform pooled population-based testing that will: ​

  • quickly identify positive cases
  • cut the cost of testing dramatically
  • still pinpoint a susceptible group that would need to undergo individual testing
  • allow for immediate containment measures to prevent a major breakout
  • allow children to safely return to school and individuals to safely return to work and other activities
Funding generously supported by the Skoll

Saliva: an effective alternative

Non-invasive saliva-based specimen increases throughput

Mirimus received a total of 65 saliva samples within 3 days from patients who tested either positive (32) or negative (33) using nasopharyngeal swabs.

  • 97% positivity rate of saliva compared to NP swabs (Samples were not collected on the same day, which may have contributed to a negative saliva sample)
  • Saliva samples were spiked into Rutgers FDA-approved SDN1000 saliva home collection kit (Spectrum LLC) and sent to Rutgers laboratory for reference testing
  • 100% PPV compared to Rutgers laboratory testing
  • Yale and other researchers have also thoroughly compared saliva to nasal swabs for COVID-19

Quickly identify positive cases

Rapidly detect COVID-19 infection with Mirimus SalivaClear

Test Population
in Pools of 24
Detect COVID-19 Hotspot
12 – 24 hours for results
Retest Hotspot
in Pools of 2
Increase Resolution
4 – 6 hours for results
Patient Order
for Individual Tests
Identify Infected Individual
~ 2 hours for results
Hotspot samples can go directly to individual diagnostic testing using the same saliva samples!

Reduce costs with pooled screening

COVID-19 individual diagnostic testing is not scalable for surveillance

Detect individual infections in a population

24 Individual Samples
24 Individual Tests
Weekly x 4 Weeks
= 96 Individual Tests
  • Low throughput
  • Delayed turnaround time
  • Limited scale
  • High cost per negative result
Mirimus COVID-19 Saliva Pool Testing is highly effective for surveillance

Monitor and detect infection hotspots in a population

24 Individual Samples
1 Pool Test
Weekly x 4 Weeks
= 4 Pool Tests
  • High throughput
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Highly scalable
  • Low cost per negative result