Mobile Testing Units

New York City has been the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. A major obstacle for many NYC residents looking for a COVID-19 test is the need to leave the house and take public transportation to a testing site. This is dangerous both for healthy bystanders risking infection on public transportation, and for the sick patients themselves, who must visit a highly contagious hospital area or other inconvenient location to obtain a test.

To eliminate this barrier, The Mobilizing Foundation and SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University – University Hospital of Brooklyn will deploy mobile testing units to go into the field to test vulnerable populations throughout NYC. The goal of the mobile testing units is to be able to provide community outreach through the form of subsidized testing while performing much needed antibody testing in pursuit of COVID-19.

Serological antibody testing is a critical step towards understanding the prevalence of the disease and to determine immune status and controlling an outbreak of this magnitude. Studying the onset rate, demographics, duration and stability of immunity will inform us how best to navigate through loosening the lockdowns as the country anxiously awaits returning to a “new normal”.